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Narmada Eco Organic Products (NEO) is an Eco friendly and Organic product organisation driven by passion of promoting natural, chemical free and healthy food to achieve the adaptability to the mother earth and healthy life of human beings.

We sought to take our consumers to natural way of living with a wide range of daily use organic products.

In light to protect environment we also provide a wide range of eco friendly, bio degradable products which connects our daily eating with nature.

We are moving along on the ancient science of using earthen utensils to provide natural resources required by our body for healthy living.

Member farmers across country are trained and monitored to provide authentic and quality food products which we bring to your door steps. We aim at bringing affordable organic food products for each segment of the country.

From the Desk of Promoters

Dr Dipal Patel (BDS)

Our idea is to bring in healthy eating. Not just that it reduces consumer’s medical bills, the food grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as VITAMIN C, IRON, Magnesium and phosphorus, with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues.
With special focus on the future, i.e. children of this generation who are most vulnerable to pesticides, we continuously work on adding variety and innovation in our products.
Healthy brain and a healthy heart is what keep you healthy. We rigorously work on bringing the best nutrition values in the day to day products that are being used. With the vision of expanding across the country with the biggest range of affordable and authentic organic food products, we continuously work on quality of our products.

Anamika Ajaria (M.B.A, Finance and Marketing)

With the company’s motto to provide affordable and authentic organic food products to every segment of the country, we have given our best to bridge the gap between pricing of organic and conventional food products.
We continuously look forward to minimise the burden of extra cost to be paid on switching over from conventional eating to organic eating.
We have always been looking to give value for what is being spent. Be it a Farmer or a consumer, we envisage on providing value for money.
With my experience and expertise of Finance and marketing, I am looking at reaching most parts of the country with our affordable range by 2022. We have developed a well trained and dedicated team to bring the products to every door step.

RONAK PANCHOLI (Agriculture expert)

The core of our organisation is our farmers who continuously work towards bringing you the best affordable and authentic organic food product to your door step.
We are a team of several FPO’s working in harmony to collectively bring a wide range of organic food products at best prices in the industry.
Our farmers understand the value of sustainable farming. Organic farming aims at sustaining the nutritional values and fertility of land. This helps them work out the economies of scale of switching to organic farming from conventional farming.
We have a roadmap of continuously improving and adding values to our products every day.

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