12 Reasons Why You Must End Your Meals With a Bite of Jaggery...

1.Do Our Parents & Grandparents wind up meals with a bite of Jaggery?....Jaggery is easy dessert, helps secretion of digestive enzymes


2.Had an heavy meal,a bit of  it,will accelerate digestion & prevent constipation


3.Contains high Iron levels,restores haemoglobin, helps purify blood 


4.Purifying blood of biggest organ, Skin,regular intake,allows to have soft skin


5.Lack of folic acid & iron,both responsible for anaemia,is an excellent source


6.Has traces of zinc & selenium as well as antioxidants, 3 imp ingredients to boost immunity


7.Do menstrual cramps restrict you to bed?...have some jaggery regularly,will help relax


8.10 grams of jaggery, daily  need of Magnesium, keeps intestines healthy & strong


9.Great source of potassium, helps boost metabolism of body


10.Sodium contents of jaggery, along with potassium,can help regulate  BP


11.Suffering of aches & pains in joints, can provide with much-needed relief


12.Jaggery, body cleanser,cleanses respiratory tract, oesophagus, lungs, stomach & intestines

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