Our Favorite Traditional Indian Sweets


Gajak or til ki barfi is winter favourite that is a must-have during the cold winter months. The warming combination of ORGANIC jaggery and ORGANIC sesame seeds or til is what makes this sweet oh-so popular, not just with dessert lovers, but with health freaks as well.

Gond Ka Ladoo

This chunky and crunchy sweet is a power packed one that is made from gondh or edible gum, ORGANIC desi ghee (clarified butter), ORGANIC roasted wheat flour, chopped nuts, ORGANIC raisins along with a number of warming and ORGANIC spices like nutmeg and cardamom. Gondh ka ladoos are energy boosters and are usually eaten during winters as mid-meal snacks, in order to avoid the sluggishness brought in by the cold weather

Til Ka Ladoo

ORGANIC Sesame seeds are also rolled into decadent balls of sweetness and served during winter festivals of Lohri and Makar Sakranti. There are a number of variations of the til ka ladoo recipe, but the two main ingredients of the winter sweet are til or ORGANIC sesame seeds and ORGANIC jaggery.


Sandesh is a sweet which was made from channa or Cottage cheese. Bengal is the place where this famous sweet dish belongs. Wide varieties of Sandesh are available in the market such as ice-cream Sandesh, Mango Sandesh, Korapak with jaggery, etc. Also, it is quite known for its brown color.

Kaju Katli

A Marwari sweet which is famous in all over India is Kaju Katli. It can be found most of the times on auspicious occasions such as Pooja, Festivals like Diwali, & Marriages. ORGANIC Cashew nut is the main ingredient of these sweets. They are the diamond in shape with the filling of cashew nuts & sugar. No doubt that it comes at the top & main priority for many people.

Mysore Pak

As the name of this sweet suggest, it comes from the city of Mysore. It is slightly brown & yellow in color & is completely immersed in ORGANIC ghee. This Pak is flavored with ORGANIC spice essence such as cardamom, honey, Rose, etc.

Soan Papdi

If we talk about food and the name of Gujarat is not mention in the list, it is impossible. Soan Papdi is the sweet that arise from Gujarat. This blistering sweet is for the people who take less sugar in their diet.


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